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Parts for your Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Fiesta
XFlow Engine

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Xflow Copper Exhaust Gasket Set
 Uprated Copper exhaust gasket set to fit all crossflow Kent Cylinder heads.

Price  £ 17.00
Uprated Gearbox Mount
 Uprated Gearbox mount for 1.3 and XR2 Cars that have a mount from the inner wing to gearbox.
Price  £ 40.00
 Set of 4 NGK BPR6ES spark plugs for the xflow engine with electronic ignition.
Price  £ 10.00
BP6ES set
 Set of 4 NGK BP6ES spark plugs for all standard xflow engines running standard ignition systems.
Price  £ 10.00
Xflow Exhaust Flange set mild steel
 10mm thick Mild steel exhaust flange set.
Price  £ 27.50
Lucas 12v Sports Coil
 12v Lucas Sports Coil
Price  £ 31.55
Distributor Cap 45d
 Standard 45d Distributor Cap for Ford Kent Engine
Price  £ 5.95
Distributor Cap Right Angle 45d
 Right Angle 45d Distributor for ford Kent Engines with Twin Carb set ups 
Price  £ 9.95
Rotor Arm 45d Type
 Rotor Arm for the Kent Engine distributors 45d
Price  £ 2.30
Coil Balast
 Coil for Standard Ford Xflow Balast Systems
Price  £ 19.70
Lucas Balast Sports Coil
 Lucas Sports Coil for Balast ignition Systems
Price  £ 28.80
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