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Parts for your Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Fiesta

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Mk1 Fiesta Wilwood 4 Pot Brake Kit
Wilwood 4 Pot Brake System for Mk1 Ford Fiesta's 
Price  £ 650.00
Mk2 Fiesta Wilwood Brake Kit
 Designed to fit within a 13" wheel and contains everything you need to fit it to your Mk2 Ford Fiesta. Some older Ford wheels you will need to use a spacer for caliper clearance.  Pepperpots and 4 spokes need roughly a 10mm spacer.  More modern wheels generally will not need a spacer.

Fitting instructions can be found on the how to page.
Price  £ 650.00
Wilwood Caliper Braided Hoses
 Braided Brake Hose Kit to fit Wilwood 4 Pot Calipers
Price  £ 45.00
Powerlite BP10 Brake Pads
 Wilwood BP10 Brake Pads to fit the Powerlite Caliper supplied as part of the Wilwood Brake Kit
Price  £ 46.00
Brake Discs
 Replacement Brake discs for the 4 Pot Brake Kits
Price  £ 50.00
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