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Parts for your Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Fiesta
4 Pot Brake Kit
Fitting the 4 Speed Quick Shift Kit
Fitting the 5 Speed Quick Shift Kit
Fitting the 4 Speed Quick Shift Kit
The kit includes a plastic space and 4 new stainless nuts and bolts.  
Here is instructions on how i modified and fitted the kit to my own car.

Step 1
Remove the gear change unit from the car and dissasemble
Step 2 
Measure 10mm up the gear stick from the circlip grooves and file in new grooves on each side.
Take the gear rod cut around the ball a the end so you are through the plastic only and not the metal. You need to do this as per the pic.
Place in a vice and gently hammer down on the threaded end of the rod, the plastic should then move up the metal shaft all the way till it has moved 10mm.dont have the vice tight on the plastic just enough to support the plastic ball but not grip it
Then glue it in place, araldite or super glue should do.
Step 3
Now re assemble
The spacer goes on the bottom of the metal frame
Once fitted and adjusted to get all the gears you will see the The Gear change is now improved, I measured 15cm of throw before fitting the kit and 11cm of throw between 1st and 2nd after so quite an improvement!

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