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Parts for your Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Fiesta
4 Pot Brake Kit
Fitting the 4 Speed Quick Shift Kit
Fitting the 5 Speed Quick Shift Kit
4 Pot Brake Kit
This will detail how to fit the 4 Pot Brake kit onto your Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Fiesta.

The kit contains 2 x wilwood Calipers, 256mm Brake Discs, Brake Pads, Braided Hoses, Caliper Brackets, Spherical Bearing Ball Joints and Bolts.

You will need to source an M12 tap to thread your hubs as this is not supplied in the kit.

Step 1
Here was the original 1.1 tiny brakes, they have a 220mm disc as standard and mine were pretty worn out.

Remove the standard Brakes entirely from your car, be carefull with the brake fluid.

Now the brakes have been removed you can thread the holes to M12, i did not have to drill the holes and they tapped perfectly.

Step 3 
Mount the Aluminium Caliper bracket using the 2 M12 Bolts Supplied.

Step 4
Remove the standard Ball Joint from the car and replace it with the supplied spherical bearing units.

Step 5
Now its time to fit the discs, low spec cars came with a 220mm disc and XR2's came with 240mm as standard. The new discs are supplied with a Spigot Ring so make sure they are fitted.

Step 6
Fit the Braided hoses to your calipers

Step 7
Now bolt them onto the Aluminium brackets using the two M10 bolts and fit the new hoses onto the cars hard lines.

Step 8
Remove the Metal pin from the back of the caliper and fit the brake pads, a little copper grease on the back is always a good idea. Refit the Pad retaining Pins

All thats left do to is bleed the brakes, I used a cheap one man bleeding kit from halfords but the rubber tube supplied is a little too big so fitted a tiny cable tie to hold it tighter. you have to bleed the outer upper nipple first and then the inner upper nipple. you don't have the touch the lower bleed nipples.

I would recommend having the tracking done as you have change the ball joints.

Fit the wheels and go bed in the pads as the manufacturer suggests here


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